Monday, June 3, 2013

Search Queries to Determine the Size of CQ’s Repository

CQ comes with a page that can be used to query its repository at http://server:port/crx/explorer/ui/search.jsp

Copy-paste them into the “Query” field and hit the ‘Search Now’ button.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see total reported numbers.

Make sure you are logged in to CQ as “admin”.  

Total number of nodes

// * order by @jcr:score

Total number of CQ pages

// element(*, cq:Page) order by @jcr:score

Number of audit events

// element(*, cq:AuditEvent) order by @jcr:score

Number of digital assets in DAM

// element(*, dam:Asset) order by @jcr:score

Number of images

// metadata[jcr:like(@dam:MIMEtype, ‘image/%’)] order by @jcr:score

Number of tags

// element(*, cq:Tag) order by @jcr:score

Number of workflow instances

// element(*, cq:Workflow) order by @jcr:score

Number of websites that are “Live Copies” of other websites

// * [@cq:master and not(@jcr:frozenUuid)] order by @jcr:score


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