Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Configuring Email Notification

In order to send email from CQ, the Day CQ Mail Service needs to be configured properly.
Procedure: 1. Go to felix web console (http://<host-name>:<port>/system/console/configMgr)
2. Search for Day CQ Mail Service
3. Edit and configure as follows:
a.  The SMTP server port must be 25 or higher.
b.  The SMTP server host name must not be blank.
c.  The "From" address must not be blank. 
Screen shot:

Simple code to send an email
There are difference ways to send an email.
Method 1: Using SimpleEmail
        SimpleEmail email = new SimpleEmail();
email.addTo("", "John Doe");
email.setFrom("", "Me");
        email.setSubject("Test message");
        email.setMsg("This is a simple test of commons-email");
Method 2: Using HtmlEmail without using MessageGateway
        HtmlEmail email = new HtmlEmail();
        email.addTo("", "John Doe");
        email.setFrom("", "Me");
        email.setSubject("Test email with inline image");
        // set the html message //
        email.setHtmlMsg("<html>The apache logo - <img src=\"cid:"
        // set the alternative message
        email.setTextMsg("Your email client does not support HTML messages");
Note: We can also read smtp details from the felix console configurations instead of passing smtp details directly.

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