Friday, May 24, 2013

My HUGE list of AEM bookmarks



Knowledge Base - How to use CQ5 as maven repository
M2Eclipse book
Managing CQ/CRX Packages Using Maven
Maven Public Repository - check versions
Maven: CRX Plugin automating deployments of CRX/CQ based applications | Cognifide Blog
Maven: The Complete Reference: Table of Contents / Documentation
Sonatype Nexus
Using Nexus as a Maven Repository for CQ Team Development (Blue Prints.Using Nexus as a Maven Repository for CQ Team Development) - XWiki
Managing Packages Using Maven
The CQ Project Maven Archetype (Blue Prints.The CQ Project Maven Archetype) - XWiki
How To Use Apache Maven to Build and Deploy OSGi Bundles to CQ



CQ blog - provision
CQ Blog 11
CQ Blog 12 by Jayan
CQ Blog 13
CQ Blog 14
CQ blogs 10
CQ blogs 3
CQ blogs 4
CQ blogs 5
CQ blogs 6
CQ blogs 7
CQ blogs 8
CQ blogs 9
CQ Useful blogs
CQ useful blogs 2
CQ Developer Support



Administration - Adding a new dialect in CQ(language) 2
Administration - Adding new Dialect(language) in CQ
Administration - Backing up CQ authoring servers with no downtime
Administration - CLT tools for CQ5
Administration - Configuring Email Notification
Administration - Customizing the DAM Console columns
Administration - Determine the right CRX bundle cache size for your application
Administration - Disk space growing on the CQ author server?
Administration - Event Handling in CQ
Administration - Groovy and JMX
Administration - Groovy web console for Adobe CQ5 and JCR
Administration - Groovy with JCR
Administration - Groovy with JCR 2
Administration - How to add a custom Login Module in CQ5.5
Administration - How to allow only certain IP address to connect to author instance
Administration - How to change all password using curl in CQ / WEM (Till CQ5.4)
Administration - How to delete Versions in CRX
Administration - How to find long running queries
Administration - How to install CRX packages automatically on server startup
Administration - How to Remove .html extension from URL in CQ
Administration - How to remove lock files in CQ / WEM
Administration - How to remove version history in CQ / WEM
Administration - How to upload an image via Sling POST servlet
Administration - How to use vlt tool to copy data from one CRX to other CRX
Administration - How to write CQ / WEM init script for Linux
Administration - Monitoring Server Resources Using the JMX Console
Administration - Page Activity Report
Administration -Monitoring events in an automated fashion
Clustering - How to fix Out Of sync cluster issue CQ / CRX / WEM / ADEP
Clustering - How to rotate TarJournal in Shared Nothing Clustering
Configuring Undo for Page Editing
CQ 55 Platform Architecture Refurbish
CQ GUI - How to use and debug CQ Client Library
Curl - create pages
Curl - How to do user management using POST API / CURL in CQ5.5
Curl - How to manage bundle using curl command
Curl Commands - create encoded password
Curl-online backup / Datastore GC / Tar Optimization using curl in CQ5.5
DAM - Extending CQ DAM Search
DAM - Integrating FFmpeg
CQ5 util classes
XSS Cheat Sheet
How to Perform System Clean Up in Adobe CQ / AEM
Adding a custom tab to Content Finder
Root Mapping-projects(new UI) or OLD UI
Development - Accessing repository programmatically
Development - Adding a custom tab to Content Finder
Development - Annotation in custom components
Development - API Differences between CQ 5.4 and CQ 5.5
Development - Basic CQ5 code examples
Development - Building and Deploying OSGi Bundles
Development - Connecting to SQL Databases
Development - content finder customization
Development - CQ API vs CRX API vs JCR API
Development - CQ Developer Tricks
Development - CQ5 Exercise for Starters
Development - Creating custom CQ email services
Development - Creating multiple pages in one REST call
Development - Creating version using PageManager
Development - CRX/JCR Tools
Development - Default servlet VS Script resolution
Development - Defaults in your CQ5 component
Development - Deploying 3rd Party Libraries
Development - Developing CQ components | Best practices
Development - Developing For CQ5 With IntelliJ IDEA 11
Development - Developing REST Web Services Tutorial
Development - Developing with Eclipse
Development - Email Component
Development - Externalizing URLs
Development - Getting to Know the Externalizer
Development - How can I configure the PDF rewriter
Development - How to find all the pages modified or activated after certain time
Development - How to get default components in your parsys
Development - how to make sure Links on a page are valid
Development - How to read an external file in CQ
Development - How to use SVN with VLT in CQ / WEM
Development - InheritanceValueMap
Development - Integrating custom CQ widgets with third-party libraries
Development - Integrating JQuery with CQ
Development - Integrating MSSQL DB with CQ
Development - JSON for whole CQ page
Development - Load test on CQ Author using ToughDay
Development - Run Modes set up in CQ
Development - Run Modes set up in CQ
Development - source code syntax highlighting
Development - The Page Exporter
Development - Tips and Tricks from the CQ Community
Development-Eclipse plugins for CQ/CRX
Disable/enable DAM Media Handlers in workflows
Dispatcher - How to flush Cache using Curl Command
Dispatcher - How to set up dynamic flushing based on path in CQ
Geometrixx - How to remove Geometrixx from CQ5.4 / WEM
How to create package based on Xpath in CQ5 / WEM
http and https version of site in CQ
Installation - How to clone publish server
Installation - Sanity checks for Adobe CQ5 installations
Integrating Services with the JMX Console
JMX - Custom Class in JMX
Migration - Migration tasks
OSGi Sling Service Example
OSGi- The Dynamic Module System for Java
Packages - How to delete packages created before certain date from package manager using curl in CQ / WEM
Purge workflows
Replication - FTP CQ Content using Static Agent
Replication - How to clear replication queue in CQ / WEM
Replication - How to stop CQ to retry replication queue in CQ / WEM
Replication - How to use CURL command to find pending and blocking job in the replication Queue in CQ5.4 / WEM
Replication - Logging CQ replication activate, deactivate, delete operations
Replication - Monitoring Replication Queue Status in an automated fashion « Experience Delivers
REST with Java (JAX-RS) using Jersey - Tutorial
Search- How to rebuild index in CQ5 / WEM
Send Email step in the workflow
Setting up FileVault auto Sync
SiteCatalyst Documentation
SiteCatalyst documentation 2
Social Plugins
TarPM - How to truncate and interpret Tar File in CQ / WEM
TarPM-How to improve Tar Optimization and Indexing process
Timewarp feature in CQ - simulate state of a page at specific time in the past
Translations - How to add a supported language to the CQ / WEM
Translations - How to use multi language translation in JSP in CQ / WEM
Translator - cq5
Unit Testing in cq
Unit testing the Email notification
Users/Groups - How to add ACL to a node
Users/Groups - How to check if some one has replication rights for a path in CQ5 / WEM
Users/Groups - Migration Of ACLs via Package Manager
Users/Groups - Synchronize User with LDAP - manual and automate
Using Components as Boilerplates
Using XMLBeans in Adobe CQ
Webinars from Adobe
Workflow - Show/Hide wfs in the sidekick
Development - Extending CQ Analytics
Administration - Limit access to specific pages in Publish
Administration - How to define a repository based configuration for a specific instance only
Development - How to add a custom page extension
Development - How To Integrate a SOAP Web-Service Toolkit with Adobe CQ » Sean Steimer
Development - Web Services
Development - Apache CXF Web Services
Development - Web Services - CXF and OSGi with CQ5
Development - Serving Static Assets from an Alternate URL (Blue Prints.Serving Static Assets from an Alternate URL
Administration - Akamai or CDN Cache Flush Service (Blue Prints.Cache Flush Service)
CURL- how to use CURL with SLING
OSGI - Dumping all OSGI configuration to a text file or zip
CQ - Obtaining Page information/metadata in JSON Format
Administration - manually invalidating dispatcher cache
Development - CQ5 Translator/dictionary service
Curl - Curl for packages
Administration - Grant access to OSGi-console to other users « Experience Delivers
Development - How to find the runmodes of a CQ5 instance « Experience Delivers
CURL - REST API Guide for Workflows
Development: How to Debug a CQ5 App Using Eclipse
Administration: Performance Tuning Tips
Administration: CQ Site Admin actions
Administration: How to clone an existing CQ instance
Workflow: Configuring participant e-mail notification.
Administration: How to hide CMS Console Buttons on welcome page
Admin - Create a custom log file
Admin - How to disable WebDAV access
Administration - How to configure the dispatcher in front of an authoring environment
Administration - How to manage Hot backup Or Manage Disaster Recovery in CQ
Administration - How to set up run mode
Development - Creating custom CQ email services
Adobe CQ/Adobe WEM: How to change package install behavior in CQ / WEM
How to specify multiple email recipients in CQ email templates? | Content Management
Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains
Administration - Improving CQ performance
Administration - Troubleshoot Dispatcher flushing issues
Administration - A lot of notes about Dispatcher
Administration: How to manage Hot backup Or Manage Disaster Recovery in CQ
Administration: How to implement CQ scheduler to run on a event
Administration - How to Configure the CQ Dispatcher Flush Agent on a Publish Instance
Development - Custom Reports
Development - Handling File Upload
Clustering - advacned Q&A
Disaster recovery using Clustering
Using Dispatcher with Multiple Domains
How to Secure Communication between the Dispatcher and CQ
Sling Resource Resolver
How to exclude certain paths of content from being indexed
How to modify the search index configurations in CQ5
How to optimize lucene index to gain diskspace and efficiency
How to use 'Boosts' at Indexing Time and at Query Runtime
Performance Tuning Tips by changing CRX Search cacheSize param
maintenance mode in CQ
Recommended Sequence of CQ Maintenance Operations
How to Get Command Shell Access to CQ's JCR Repository
Search Queries to Determine the Size of CQ's Repository
An FFMPEG Primer for CQ on Windows (64-bit)
Windows PowerShell Script to Programmatically Create 100s of CQ Users
How to Query CQ's JCR with SQL or XPath
How to Use CQ's Query Debugger Tool
The Clay Tablet Adobe CQ Translation Connector
Administration: How to Create Custom Authentication Handler for Custom Login
Development: How to Integrate 3rd party Jar file in CQ / WEM
Development:How to Convert a jar File into an OSGi Bundle
Administration: Custom Login Modules
Administration: How to add a custom Login Module
Custom Replication Event Listener
Clay Tablet Adobe CQ Translation Connector
Administration-How to Configure CQ Backup to Output the crx-quickstart Files Rather Than a Zip
Administration-How to Efficiently Copy Large Amounts of Content Between CQ Repositories
Administration- Hiding workflows in SideKick
Read/Write content node(s) or files from/into the CRX repository
CQ:include vs JSP include vs Sling:include
Security Checklist: changing the default passwords
jsp:include request/response diagram
jsp:forward request/response flow
Recap - rsync for CQ/AEM
How to Synchronize User with LDAP
Creating Adobe CQ bundles that consume web services
How to install CRX packages automatically on server startup
checkstyle - coding standard tool
CQ5 Bookmarks
CQ5 | Widgets API
Overview (TLDDoc Generated Documentation)
CQ Toggle
Monitoring Diskspace and Memory Usage -
CQ Security Checklist
What is the difference between c:import, sling:include, and cq:include?
Content Compare and Import tool


Adobe download licensing site
Daycare - Support Portal
DigitalPulse Debugger for SiteCatalyst
Adobe Nexus repo
Adobe Forums: CQ5
Knowledge Base articles - Administration
Adobe CQ5 Certification
All CQ Blogs
Package share - new


Micro CMS - custom CMS on CRX
CRX - CRX through HTTP/REST calls
CRX - How to use RMI to connect CRX from an external application


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