Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DAM asset upload guidelines

Q:Is it good a have a folder/Asset name contains spaces.

Ans: It is not recommended to name folders/files with spaces in it. - and _ are the only special characters that are recommended.

Q:What is the max size limit of an Asset?

Ans: 10 to 30 MB size is recommended, but there is no limit to the size, in general.

Q: What is the maximum number of Assets that can be uploaded in a folder?

Ans: Adobe recommends not more than 200 to 250 at one level. The more the number of assets, the slower that AEM/DAM UI will load.

Note: Following approach is recommended when we have too many ( i.e., >250) Assets in a single dam folder:

1. Categorized the assets if possible lets say based upon your business areas or anything similar. Based on that create your high level of folders in DAM.

2. Now under all these folders create sub folders hierarchy like a, aa, ab ac... and b, ba, bb, bc ... and c, ca, cb, cc and after some level of depth store your assets which makes each folder to have assets in between 100-200.


DAM Structure.png

Q:What is the recommendation for DAM structure

A: Here is a typical structure of DAM assets <WEBSITE>


Ex: enUS
         <SECTION> EX: specialoffers
             <Subsections> Ex: banners, logos, misc etc.,

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