Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Setting up WEBDAV on Windows vista,7 clients

WebDav can be configured on Windows vista and 7 operating systems, but there is a registry change that is required. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable changing any thing in the Windows registry. To avoid that, I usually use some of the open source tools such as “BitKinex” or “NetDrive”.

  1. How to configure WEBDAV on Windows vista, 7 or any other, follow this link.
  2. NetDrive can be downloaded here
  3. image
  4. BitKinex can be downloaded here. Follow the below steps to access AEM/CRX.
    • Configure your AEM instance's connection parameters by using "File->Quick Connect". URL: http://localhost:7402/crx/repository/crx.default
    • Go to "Datasource->Properties->Server->SiteMap", select Directory(WebDAV-complaint) from the dropdown "The Location Specifics" and click "OK"
    • It would show the CRX folders/files

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